Meet the Band

Paul.....caller/melodeon/blues harmonica/mandolin

Paul, caller and melodeon

Paul Shorrock is the caller in the band, acting as the interface between band and dancers. He also squeezes tunes out of the melodeon, treating it as a rhythm instrument rather than melody. You will also hear a bit of blues harmonica and mandolin. One of his few remaining musical ambitions is to see Richard Thompson achieve the recognition he deserves.

You do say: "The fusion of rock and folk to form an indigenous British rock music is one of the most important musical developments of the last few decades"
You donít say: "Whoís Richard Thompson?"


Mike, bass guitar

Mike Jensen is a gentleman and a scholar, but strap a bass guitar on him and he becomes a musical thug. Mikeís bass is the powerhouse of the band, driving the rhythm forward. He will admit to being a Buddy Holly fan, and is also a long time admirer of the late, great Ian Dury. Ambitions yet to achieve - To play trombone in the band. Ambitions unlikely to be achieved - to learn to ride a bicycle.

You do say: "I think the sixties were the zenith of popular music"
You donít say: "Plymouth Argyl are a crap side, who shouldnít even be in the Football League"


Liz Kerrey is our latest recruit. She loves her music, and has been playing since she was two, and is especially passionate about fiddle playing in the Donegal style. She is the only band member who can claim to have had formal musical training, though she admits to having spent more time improving her snooker shots than practicing her instrument.  She also claims to have a liking for sheep, but in the nicest possible way. Current project - perfecting her harp playing.


You do say: "Donegal style....good choice"
You donít say: "Harp players spend half the night tuning up, and the other half playing out of tune"


Iain Hunter, drums

Iain Hunter is an old friend of the band, and was the regular drummer a few years back. He now sits in again behind a full rock kit, following our other regular drummer (Joe) laying down his drumsticks. There isn't a percussion style he can't or hasn't played, and it's a real treat to have him back in the band line up.  Famous within the band for actually tuning the drum kit, the only drummer we have had who does that!


You do say: "Good to see a Highland gentleman bringing a bit of class to this rabble."
You donít say: "Crickey, I could tune a harp in the time it took you to tune those drums!"


Neil.....fiddle/soprano sax/...well, anything really! 

Neil Woodall, fiddle, sax and more!

Neil Woodall plays a wide range of music, mainly in the Sheffield area, but also much further afield, including a US tour with the amazing "Good Noise, Bad Noise".  In Long Meg he plays fiddle and soprano saxophone, and anything else that other band members leave lying around.  He can also knock out a mean tune on laptop computer - really!!  Watch out for his fiddle and electric drone solos.


You do say: "Multi-instrumentalist, eh?  You must be the most talented member of the band."
You donít say: "Will you stop playing games on the computer, now!"


Connie.....sound desk 

Connie, sound desk

Connie Jensen  is the real hero in the band . She combines the patience of a saint with the pragmatism of a politician. Whilst the other band members flaunt their musical egos on stage, Connie quietly and efficiently gets on with the job of delivering a good sound to the dancers and the band. She reads the band like a book, and greets plaintiff cries for "a bit more squeeze-box on the monitors" with sympathy, understanding and the occasional increase in volume.

You do say: "I donít know how the hell you put up with those strutting prima donnas"
You donít say: "Can you turn the volume down, as Iíve just sat my granny next to that loudspeaker thingy"

We also hope to bring regular guest musicians along when they are available.

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