Guests may include.....

Peter, fiddle

Peter Crofts keeps Shetland sheep in his fields, and Shetland tunes in his head. He plays jigs and reels on the fiddle as if the devil himself was after him, then changes the mood with a mellow waltz. His enjoyment and enthusiasm make it difficult for him to stand still whilst he plays - you will have the same problem.

You do say: "That last reel made me feel that I was actually in the Shetland Isles"
You donít say: "I think government sheep subsidies are far too high"

Sally Hardaker, flute

Sally Hardaker is one of the finest and best-known players of traditional music in Cumbria and beyond. Former member of "Ellan Valley Band", she now plays regularly with several other bands, including Long Meg.
You will hear her mainly on flute, but she's also in great demand as a caller.
Her latest projects include the developing of a singing repertoire

You do say: "That last Scandinavian waltz transported me to the fjords!"
You don't say: "and your Irish set transported me to the bogs!"


Joe, drums

Joe Dias - Drummer, artist, lecturer, bluesman, familyman. Joe, when contacted to play for bands used to reply, "Iíll drum if youíre desperate". This earned him the title of the countyís most desperate drummer. Nothing much has changed. He swithers between all of the above occupations, some more successfully than others. He's currently taking time out of Long Meg, but we hope to tempt him back whenever possible - or whenever we are desperate again!

You do say: "Your paradiddles and flams are truly outstanding"
You donít say: "So whatís this modern art? My three-year-old daughter can paint as well as that"

Richard, Northumbrian Pipes

Richard Evans is taking time out from the band to concentrate on his pipe making business. Richard and Anita Evans make Northumbrian and Scottish smallpipes and Border Pipes. These are all bellows-blown, sometimes known as the "Cauld Wind" pipes, which they sell all over the globe. However, we hope to tempt him back for the occasional dance night - Prepare to be dazzled.
In the meantime, visit their website, then order a set of pipes.

You do say: "Fantastic Pipes - how do I place an order?"
You donít say: "...and can I have 'em next week?"


Absent Friends


Mike Steel, tenor sax

Mike Steel died in July 2011 after a two-year illness.  He started with the band as Sound Engineer (and super strong roadie!) but it soon became obvious that his real place was on stage playing Tenor and Alto Saxophone.  He was self effacing and modest about his own talents, but quick to praise the efforts of others.

He is sadly missed by his family, by Long Meg, by the other bands he played with ("Mortimers" and "6 foot 6") and by countless friends. 

Thanks for the gigs, the humour, and the ability to 'take the mickey' without causing offence.



Current Band Members

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